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I'm 16 and have been into cooking healthy for about two years. I love baking and a dessert without chocolate has to be pretty bloody tasty for me to like it! Right now my passion is trying out new recipes and cooking styles as a sort of self-teaching experience. I like to try out new cooking styles by sticking to that style for a week. So far it's just been a week of vegan and a week of raw. I'm hoping to try gluten free next. This blog will be about foods I make, recipes I try, restaurants I go to and (although this last sentence sounds painfully self centered) generally about me and this new world of food I just so happened to stumble into. I hope you like it. ~LoavesAndKisses

Caramelized Maple Praline Shortbread Bars

Caramelized Maple Praline Shortbread Bars  This is one of the most decadent desserts I have ever made for myself. I do make very rich special occasion desserts for family and friends, but I normally try to stick to the lighter … Continue reading

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Chocolate Hazelnut Pistachio Cookie Cake

Chocolate Hazelnut Pistachio Cookie Cake    This is a special cake I invented for my mom’s birthday. Almost every ingredient was picked out specifically for what I know about her tastes. She loves pistachios (especially in ice cream) so I … Continue reading

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Homemade Caramel Fondant

Homemade Caramel Fondant      Fondant has always been a bit of an internal struggle with me. I love how beautiful it can make a cake look but I don’t like the taste or the ingredients. Cakes should be pretty … Continue reading

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Salted Maple Honey Caramel Corn with Toasted Pecans.

Homemade caramel corn is so surprisingly delicious. Sometimes that’s easy to forget when all you’ve tasted recently is store bought,yellow #5, high fructose corn syrup drenched caramel corn. But then you take a bite of this crisp,sweet,buttery,light homemade treat and … Continue reading

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Browned Butter Coconut Blondies

Browned Butter Coconut Blondies with a Salted Browned Butter Glaze. These are maybe the most amazing blondes I’ve ever had. I wanted to make something with coconut butter because I had a nearly full jar sitting around in our cupboard … Continue reading

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Orange Almond Chai Banana Bread

Mmmm….almonds and candied ginger. Not something I normally would go for. I mean almonds and ginger are yummy on their own but together they are something else entirely. I love this grain free banana bread recipe from Healthful Pursuit but … Continue reading

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Floral Raspberry Shortbread

Normally when I start out a blog post,I add a little anecdote. Something to catch your attention,or just ease you into all the tech talk. Normally…but not today. These cookies are just too good to beat around the bush! For … Continue reading

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How To Improvise Truffles

How To Improvise Truffles. As a relatively new cook, I’m a bit unorthodox. I rarely follow recipes and when I do, I always add a little pinch or splash of something extra. One thing that I never follow recipes for … Continue reading

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Angel Food Cake’ Soul Mate

  I adore angel food cake! Maybe it’s because it’s so soft and fluffy and sweet or maybe it’s because it’s the only cake I would really want to eat on a semi-regular basis. The only issue with angel food is … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Swirl Peanut Butter Cups

   I’m not sure if it’s a fast approaching Halloween spirit or just the warm fuzzy feelings of Fall, but I’ve noticed that Foodgawker is flooded with comfort foods. From gooey macaroni and cheese to thick creamy pumpkin pie lattes, … Continue reading

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