Watermelon Smoothie

Omgosh! I’m finally back! The fairy festival trip was amazing and spontaneously turned into a trip to the Red Woods! Sadly I got pretty sick with what seemed suspiciously like whooping-cough on the way back so I’ve been out of commission for a while. That’s why there’s been no new posts and also why I don’t have all that much to show you.

Well….there is one thing.

Watermelon Smoothies!

This recipe is a great way to eat up any watermelon that is just on the edge of going bad. You know that stage where the texture is a little funky but the flavor is almost better because it’s gotten so sweet?  Well this is the perfect way to use it up! You still get the sweet refreshing quality without the slightly nasty texture.


  • 1/2 of a small watermelon (about 6-7 oz)
  • 2/3 cup milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • 1/2 tbsp Agar Agar
  • salt
  • cinnamon


1) First you need to prepare your agar agar base. Place the Agar Agar and milk in a heavy sauce pan and let sit for 5 minutes. This blooms the Agar Agar (almost like yeast). Bring to a boil until it thickens. Let cool at room temperature until it is solid. If you didn’t boil it long enough that you can return the pan to the heat and bring to a boil again. Once the mixture is solid,store it in the refrigerator until needed.

2) Chop up your watermelon and put into blender with agar agar. Right now the agar agar will look completely unappetizing but hold on! Blend until completely smooth.

3) Stir in salt and cinnamon to taste.

4) Add a dollop of WHIPPED CREAM!

This smoothie is delicious on its own but it’s unbelievably tasty with a little dollop of my special whipped cream. I use this recipe all the time as frosting but it can be used just like whipped cream.

  • Ingrediants
  • 1 (8 oz) package of Neuchâtel cream cheese
  • 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
  • 1/2 cup of turbinado sugar
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract.


1) Whip in a stand mixer the neufchatel, sugar, and vanilla until throughly combined. Add the heavy cream slowly to the whipping mixture until the frosting is firm and fluffy. 

This is super easy and makes a HUGE amount of frosting! It keeps well in the fridge and a little goes a long way compared to normal whipped cream because of how phenomenal the flavor is!

Without the frosting,this smoothie is only 117 calories so there’s room to indulge with a little cream.

Loaves and kisses!




About loavesandkisses

I'm 16 and have been into cooking healthy for about two years. I love baking and a dessert without chocolate has to be pretty bloody tasty for me to like it! Right now my passion is trying out new recipes and cooking styles as a sort of self-teaching experience. I like to try out new cooking styles by sticking to that style for a week. So far it's just been a week of vegan and a week of raw. I'm hoping to try gluten free next. This blog will be about foods I make, recipes I try, restaurants I go to and (although this last sentence sounds painfully self centered) generally about me and this new world of food I just so happened to stumble into. I hope you like it. ~LoavesAndKisses
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  1. Thanks for that just brought some agar agar powder and had no idea how to use it, so cheers. Can’t believe you’re so young, your site’s excellent.

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