Hello world!

Ok,wow! Hello! This is my first ever blog page. I know this is where I talk about myself and do all the introductions but I really have no idea what to say. There’s a brief description of me in my profile but to sum it up. I’m fifteen. I love cooking. This is a food blog. Awkward attempt at humor. Enjoy!

Sooo…Recipe time? Yes. I think so. Wow,this is odd.

Today I made oatmeal. Yes! Oatmeal. I know you all must be terribly excited because no one on health food blogs ever talk about oatmeal. Does sarcasm come across on blogs? I sure hope so. Well this oatmeal was inspired by two events. The first event was less and event and more of a problem. I stay up way too late. I know! A teenager with bad sleep habits,aren’t I original? The other event was my terrible habit of reading recipe blogs that I know I shouldn’t. In this case, the blog was Chocolate Covered Katie.

Now in case you don’t know, I am NOT one of those lucky girls that can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. I know some of those girls. I stand next to some of those girls. Therefore,I am sure I am NOT one of those girls. I am also not a vegan. So why do I read a healthy vegan blog with recipes I know I shouldn’t eat, made for a diet that I do not follow? I have no bloody idea. Maybe it’s because, not including my huge sweet tooth (can I get braces for that?) I have the same tastes as Chocolate Covered Katie. Maybe it’s because of her beautiful food styling. Maybe it’s just how much fun her writing is. Or,knowing myself, maybe it’s just because she talks about chocolate. For whatever reason,I found myself looking through her recipes thinking…well I wasn’t really thinking, more like ogling. Anyways, I ogled my way to a recipe called the Voluminous Oatmeal Trick. The recipe supposedly guaranteed TWICE as much oatmeal volume for the same amount of oats. Hmm…sounded intriguing. Then I saw that it could be made the night before. Another night time distraction? Hurrah!

I microwaved 1/3 cup of Bob’s Red Mill Organic Rolled Oats with 1 1/2 cups water. I did what Chocolate Covered Katie said she did and microwaved it for 4 minutes and let it sit in the microwave for 5 more minutes before I popped it into the fridge at night.

The next morning,after calling back my friend, calling back my aunt, making coffee, and feeding the dogs, I fed myself. I poured my oatmeal into a bowl my cousin Claire made for me called “Maddie’s Ice Cream Bowl.”  Everyone needs their very own ice cream bowl, don’t you know?

Then I mixed in

1/2 tbsp organic peanut butter

2 tsp Brummel and Brown Butter

1 tsp brown sugar

2 oz banana

1 packet of Truvia


and salt!

My very first not-so-artsy blog pic!

The oatmeal came out creamier then I normally make for myself but I still really liked it. The flavors felt a bit subtle but it was filling and healthy. Plus it was chock full of butter and banana! What more could you want?

For those who count calories, the oatmeal was 262 calories with all the fixin’s!

Well that was quick!

Loaves and kisses,



About loavesandkisses

I'm 16 and have been into cooking healthy for about two years. I love baking and a dessert without chocolate has to be pretty bloody tasty for me to like it! Right now my passion is trying out new recipes and cooking styles as a sort of self-teaching experience. I like to try out new cooking styles by sticking to that style for a week. So far it's just been a week of vegan and a week of raw. I'm hoping to try gluten free next. This blog will be about foods I make, recipes I try, restaurants I go to and (although this last sentence sounds painfully self centered) generally about me and this new world of food I just so happened to stumble into. I hope you like it. ~LoavesAndKisses
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  1. aww thanks so much for your sweet words 🙂

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